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About Us

The home page of our site says a lot about what we do so we repeat the information here along with a note to let you know that we have 17 years of experience selling and installing our own products.  When you work with us to solve your lift applications you can rest assured that the experience will be as you would expect.

Our stated goal is to keep it simple, and eliminate surprises.  These are typically not products you purchase or install on a regular basis.  We work with builders, contractors, architects, handy men, hitch installers, and homeowners, many of which employ a do it myself approach.  In every case it is important that you give a lift purchase and installation your undivided attention.   And we make every effort to see that you do.


We take great pride in our reputation by recommending the best products for your specific needs as shown on a few 3rd party review websites.

  • A+ rating with the BBB without paying for accredidation.
  • Excellent rating on Sitejabber.

Keeping It Simple

You will notice as you review this site that we do not offer dozens of products.  We have pared down the list over the past 17 years to included only those products that are of the highest quality, offer the best value, and address the widest variety of solutions.  Each of our products serves a specific need in order that we may address even the most unique of applications in the simplest way possible, with the least amount of expense.  Simplicity is paramount when it comes to the installation process.  Time is money as our contractor clients will attest.  We have installed our own products numerous times to determine which ones result in the least time and effort.  We only make time or simplicity installation claims when we know it to be accurate.  When it comes to vehicle lifts we once again, keep it simple.  There are not dozens of products because it doesn't take dozens to do the job.  The least expensive solution in this category is often the best.

Eliminating Surprises

There's not a contractor anywhere that hasn't discovered what happens when you go to install anything and are faced with a surprise.  Doesn't fit in the enclosure that's already 3/4 built?  Runs into an overhead cabinet that didn't show on the plans?  Doesn't meet code and has to be shut down?  Cut the wrong size hole in your ceiling?  We have developed a process that all but removes these kinds of problems.  We prepare drawings from engineering that you can build from, and must approve before we start production.  We show videos of the installation process and delivery.  We send instructions regarding how the unit will be delivered, and what is needed to receive the shipment.  We leave as little as possible to chance so that your experience will be exactly what you expect with no costly surprises.  

After 17 years of experience we know what it takes to make your purchase profitable, and how to meet your expectations.  Look over our site and call us today to see for yourself.

We appreciate the opportunity to prepare solutions for your lift requirements, and we thank you for your support.

Joe Brown