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Delivery Information

All shipping information pertains to the contiguous 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska customers need to call for shipping quotes.

There are no shipping charges on some products on this site. Products with shipping charges in addition to the advertised price will show "+shipping & handling" under the price, and the shipping price will be shown during the checkout process.

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts, Cargo Lifts and Elevators are shipped to the freight terminal nearest your installation. We can provide special delivery assistance including trucks with lift gates, 2 drivers, and dollies at an additional charge. Vertical lifts weigh from 650 to 1200 pounds and require a loading dock or a forklift with extra wide forks. Elevator crates can be considerably larger and heavier.  If you have a forklift or loading dock available we ship to your loading dock at no additional charge. If your lift is picked up at a freight terminal we load the lift on to your vehicle at no charge. We submit the delivery instructions to you for approval before we engage a shipment.

Vehicle wheelchair and scooter lifts usually take up to 5 business days for delivery for small tray or boom type lifts. Large trays, backpackers, and large outside lifts cannot be shipped by UPS and take approximately 8 business days for delivery.

Stair lifts are normally delivered in approximately 10 business days via UPS. We always deliver to your home even if in-home installation is elected.

Lift Chairs are normally delivered in approximately 5-7 business days, however "builder chairs" are custom-built and can take much longer to ship. Please contact us to request a more accurate delivery time for a lift chair.

Inside delivery is available to first floor delivery locations only, to the residence's first threshold and no farther, barring physical obstacles.

Cartons that do not fit through the residence doorway will generally be delivered to a garage or similar dry area. However, we cannot guarantee that commercial LTL carriers will perform the requested service, as all commercial LTL carriers operate based on their specific carrier's tariff rules and liability policies. If you live in a mobile home park, you are only eligible for White Glove Delivery.

We cannot force the carrier to deliver the freight to the 2nd floor or higher. For this service, you will need to arrange for White Glove or Platinum delivery service by speaking to one of our sales representatives.

If you would also like someone to set up your product, this service is available. However, you will need to set up an appointment for the technician to show up at your residence after the product has already been delivered. The technician cannot carry the product into your home.

Dumbwaiters are always delivered under special arrangement depending upon the installation site and builder preference. We submit the delivery instructions to you for approval before we engage a shipment. The shipment will be strapped to a palet and will weigh approximately 650 pounds with the longest piece being the track sections, usually 8 foot sections.  Please call us for special delivery and shipping arrangements.

All Lift Products shall be subject to applicable state, local and city approval prior to installation and subject to inspection after installation. Determination of and adherence to these regulations is the responsibility of the buyer and/or contractor.