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How To Measure - Detailed Stair Lift Measuring Guide

  1. Overall Length __________________________________
  2. Top stair to bottom stair _________________________
  3. Staircase Width __________________________________
  4. Bottom Clearance ________________________________
  5. Rise of one step __________________________________
  6. Tread of one step _________________________________
  7. Diagonal of one step ______________________________
  8. Which side will the stair lift be installed on? ___________


  1. This measurement is key to getting a stair lift that properly fits your stair case. Please make sure to measure at least twice for the most accuracy. To make this measurement you will stand at the top landing and extend your tape measure down the stairs until it hits the bottom landing. The tape should be resting on the edge of each stair's tread along the way. How many inches is it from the edge of the top landing to the bottom landing? Use the diagram if you are unsure of exactly what to measure.
  2. Measure from the edge of the top landing to the edge of the first step at the bottom.
  3. Measure the width of your staircase.
  4. If you have a door or wall at the bottom of your stairs (as shown in the diagram), please measure from the bottom step to the door or wall.
  5. Measure from the top of one step to the top of the next step down.

  6. Measure the depth of one step.
  7. Measure from the front of one step to the front of the next step down.
  8. What side of your stair case will your stair lift be installed on if you are standing at the bottom and looking up?