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How do I return an item?

Standard Provisions For All Product Return Policies

You should not accept delivery for any dumbwaiter or any lift when the crate or product appears to be damaged or defective. Any product that arrives defective or damaged must be refused at delivery so the shipping company will return the crate to the manufacturer without any freight charges to you. Should the product be damaged and need to be returned, you must not sign for or accept the delivery. Once you sign for delivery you must contact our customer service department at 1-855-286-5938 to get instructions for handling damaged shipments.  Any product not damaged when returned to the manufacturer will not be elligible for any refund, and additional shipping charges will be required.

Standard Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Standard vertical wheelchair lifts are residential 52 inch or under lifts with a straight through access without any options. Standard Lifts are eligible for return if not damaged, and crated as delivered, within 10 calendar days from proof of delivery. A return for any product, for any reason, will not be accepted if initiated after 10 calendar days following proof of delivery.  Any return of a standard vertical wheelcahir lift will be subject to a 30% re-stocking fee, and freight charges both ways.

We do not guarantee delivery dates for any reason as circumstances beyond our control may delay a shipment.

Any return will not be accepted without prior written authorization and instructions from our service department. Simply call our service department at 1-855-286-5938

Custom Vertical Wheelchair Lifts, Dumbwaiters, Stair Lifts, Elevators, and Cargo  LIfts

All vertical wheelchair lifts other than standard as defined above, dumbwaiters, stair lifts, elevators, and cargo lifts are Non-standard custom orders. Construction of your custom lift begins immediately following order placement. Orders for Non-standard products may not be canceled after placement for any reason.  If you have unusual circumstances you may call and request an exception to the no cancellation policy.  We will check the status of the manufacturing process for your lift, and respond to you in writing with a potential exception to the cancellation policy, which will result in a cancellation fee of no less than 30%.

Wheelchair and Scooter Carriers and Commercial Ramps

Any product order cancelled during or following shipment will be subject to freight charges both ways, and a 30% re-stocking fee. Our administration office will advise you as to whether your order has been shipped only when your request is phoned in to us at 1-855-286-5938.  The freight charges for the return for any lift that has previously been accepted are your responsibility. All returns must be returned to the manufacturer's warehouse. Lifts returned to any other address cannot be accepted.

If you have elected to have your product delivered to a local loading dock, instead of directly to your location, you must pick the lift up within three business days of delivery to the loading dock. Any lifts not picked up may be auctioned by the dock/warehouse company if not picked up within two weeks of the lift's arrival at the dock.