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Cargo Lift
Cargo Lift
Cargo Lift
Cargo Lift
Cargo Lift
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Cargo Lift

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The Cargo Lift is the perfect solution for any single family or commercial application. With its aluminum construction, 500 lb. capacity, battery-powered drive system and constant pressure remote controls, this lift is designed to provide easy, reliable cargo transport with safety and convenience. Paired with UL-listed door interlocks and various safety devices, this U.S.A. designed and manufactured lift provides an easy two-person installation and low-maintenance operation.


  • Footprint: varies based on platform sizes: as small as 30 x 36 as large as 48” x 60”. Platform will be constructed of aluminum frame and steel spindles and have a capacity of up to 500 lbs. Standard platform is 36" x 36". For custom platform sizes, please call for a quote.
  • Constant pressure remote controls at each landing. Up, down, optional key-switch, diagnostic LED light, and fob for remote use. Emergency light and ADA phone available upon request
  • Capacity: 500 lbs. of cargo, luggage, materials, etc. NO RIDERS ALLOWED ON UNIT
  • Battery powered with 24 VDC system. Design precludes any special outlets having to be wired into the home – eliminating need for a dedicated outlet to be installed in home or business.
  • Aluminum track made of aircraft grade material for tower uprights
  • Battery charges during full travel of unit
  • 400 Watt motor with dual winding steel drums – 2:1 drive
  • AWS certified welders
  • Meets NEC standards for wiring
  • Powder coated unit – aluminum platform assembly to eliminate rust with steel spindles for strength
  • Manual lowering device
    Designed, tested, assembled, in U.S.A.
  • 1 year battery warranty – 2 year warranty on all other items

Safety Devices

  • Two 1/4" diameter, 7x19 GAC's (galvanized aircraft cables) support the car. Each cable with a breaking strength of 7,000 lbs
  • Optional platform gates, optional top landing gates, optional full sized flush doors all available with approved interlocks
  • Emergency unlocking device for door lock / gate
  • UL Listed door interlock - senses door is both closed and locked before allowing unit to operate
  • Regular and final limit switche
  • Slack cable safety switches and broken rope safety

Installation - Maintenance

  • Two person installation - 7-16 team hours - installs at lower landing
  • Can install on any load bearing wall or with tower support, can be free-standing
  • Only maintenance - replacement of batteries in unit every 2-3 years
  • Can mount directly to existing concrete or stud walls
  • Breaks down to go through any doorway - perfect for existing unit replacement
  • Can be installed in room with ceilings as low as 7'-6"
  • U.S.A. designed, manufactured, and technical service support
  • No pit, no machine room, no dedicated outlet required
  • Electrical requirements are 110 volt, 2 amps